Recall the famous domino displays that made the Guinness World Book of Records. Thousands of dominos are arranged so that each domino will knock down the one next to it and then the whole system is triggered by tipping the first domino. Interesting mechanisms are set up at different points along the chain of dominos. For example, a falling domino in one place triggers a small winch, which carries a single domino to a distant point, dropping it in exactly the right spot to trigger a new chain of falling dominos.

Of course, no one watching a domino display like this thinks that the coincidence of wind, flood or earthquake positioned these dominos and mechanisms. It is obvious that each domino was carefully and thoughtfully positioned. The system is created by bringing together disparate parts in a sensitive balance and is clear evidence of “design”.

We have always taken our business seriously, probably because we do not take ourselves seriously at all. We have treated each customer as a new project and after first understanding the company’s corporate image and vision, we have offered appropriate solutions. If the truth be known, we have achieved remarkable success and will continue to do so.

We are not very humble when it comes to our work. We have every confidence that any job that is performed joyfully with pleasure and enthusiasm will be successful.

Therefore, we are rather selective in our business. We only want innovative and dynamic projects that will carry us and the company for which we work forward, not jobs we do not believe or that take us backward. Life is too short to squander away...